Client Comments

The following comments are from clients in a range of business sectors:

"I was not sure what to expect given that this was my first encounter with executive coaching, although I was self-aware enough to know there was much to learn about myself and how to make myself the best I could be.  Surprisingly, the most tangible benefit for me has been a dramatic increase in my self-confidence. Having clarity about my career aspirations is liberating and motivating. Simon has been a catalyst in my career successes, having held me in front of the mirror and kept me to task over the years, whilst also illustrating his point with pertinent examples, behavioural and other models or tools."

Senior executive, large corporate



"Simon was introduced to the business in 2003 when we were in the early stages of looking to enhance our people management systems.  He worked with us over an extended period, including to:

  • help define our core values
  • develop a competency framework and associated personal development plans and processes
  • redesign our appraisal process
  • deliver management training that was both generic (delegation, giving feedback, managing conflict, management styles etc.) and highly customised in its focus
  • undertake Board and senior-level coaching to help our top team operate cohesively, including 360 degree Emotional Intelligence feedback reports where relevant


Over his time working with us, Simon built on his extensive experience to consistently deliver work that was ideally tailored to and aligned with our business, with the result that the processes, styles, and his influence are still very much in evidence today.  Simon is versatile, energetic, charismatic and highly knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend Simon to any business looking to develop their people and processes."

Head of HROD, investment bank



"I first worked with Simon as a director of a UK board struggling to come together as a collegiate and effective group.  Simon quickly won the trust of the whole team, and from there used various methods and activities that were fun and interesting.  The performance of the team improved significantly as a result."

Regional CEO, commercial finance



"I have worked with Simon on a number of key projects over the last 20 years in different businesses. He has an impactful, pragmatic style, and is particularly effective working with senior teams and individuals. He is a strategic thinker, and considers all parts of the system. His calm demeanour and insightful use of questions means that he quickly forms effective relationships.  He challenges people and holds up the mirror, helping them discover how they  can develop and acts as a catalyst for change helping to  shift thinking and behaviour."

Head of Organisational Development, international business


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