About us





Our people are all experienced and knowledgeable





We work using proven approaches to deliver quality outcomes

We are experienced people and organisational development consultants with high levels of expertise and the ability to work effectively on the client's agenda.


We work either directly with senior executives and top teams or through the leading HR/OD executive, or in support of internal development specialists.


We have experience with clients from small entrepreneurial businesses to established international corporations, in the UK and across the World, and have covered all aspects of organisational effectiveness.


Consulting projects



We understand the 4 stages which help us to deliver an excellent outcome from cosulting projects.


We apply our experience and expert at each stage to provide the highest quality consulting service.


Executive coaching



We apply proven principles in the coaching process to achieve significant development in coaching clients.


Our coaches work with senior executives in a supportive, sometimes challenging, results-focused process.



Simon Spindler

Simon Spindler set up People and Performance Consulting in February 2002.  Since then, he has worked with clients in many different sectors, including retail banking, investment banking, hedge fund management, logistics, commercial finance and speciality engineering.  Client organisations have included new start-ups, fast-growing SMEs, established UK corporates and major international businesses.

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